The best iPhone accessories for 2023

Soon after unboxing their new Apple iPhone 14, owners should consider the accessories they desire for their new device. As with last year’s iPhone 13s models, this year’s models do not include ac power adapters, so you will likely need to purchase one separately.

If you intend to go all-in on wireless charging, you can take advantage of the superior MagSafe technology with a variety of available accessories. We’ve evaluated the finest iPhone accessories, including the Apple AirTag, wireless headphones, and phone cases, and compiled the results here.

Apple MagSafe wireless charger

If you have a new iPhone, you should consider Apple’s MagSafe wireless charger. There are often superior and cheaper alternatives to Apple’s first-party accessories, but the MagSafe wireless charger is an exception. This charging pad, like all other MagSafe accessories, employs magnets to attach to the back of the most recent iPhones and is surprisingly sturdy. Not only can you safely take up and use your iPhone with the disk still attached, but it can also dangle from the charger’s cable without falling off. (You probably shouldn’t do this anyway.)

The charging plate itself is approximately a quarter of an inch thick, so it scarcely adds to the iPhone’s weight. The magnets only adhere to the most recent iPhone models, but it can still wirelessly charge models as far back as the iPhone 8. I only wish the cable was longer than three feet so that you could charge your iPhone while sitting on the settee or in bed.

Apple’s MagSafe charger accessory costs $39 (although we have seen it go on sale a few times), but Spigen’s $25 ArcField magnetic wireless charger is a suitable alternative. Its magnets are not as powerful as those on the Apple MagSafe charger, so you should not pick up your iPhone by this cable. However, it will charge your iPhone and remain in place while doing so.

Mophie 4-in-1 wireless charging mat

At this point, you may have accumulated a number of devices that support wireless charging, and Mophie’s 4-in-1 charging mat is a convenient way to power them all. It’s an 11-by-8-inch rectangle with four slots for simultaneously charging various devices. Two of these slots are large enough to accommodate smartphones, while the two in the middle are tiny and can accommodate items such as AirPods. Additionally, it has an optional attachment for an Apple Watch, allowing it to charge up to five devices simultaneously.

Each night, I utilized the mat as a charging center to charge my iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods Pro. Notably, neither my iPhone nor my AirPods Pro had to be removed from their cases in order for me to charge them with the Mophie mat. Despite the fact that the mat’s size enables it to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, it is difficult to find a suitable location for it. It will fit on most nightstands, though you may need to rearrange your belongings. Mophie offers a 3-in-1 wireless charging station with dedicated slots for the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods that occupies less space and requires fewer cords.


It is now common knowledge that Apple AirPods are the finest wireless earbuds for iPhone users. Apple made its standard AirPods even better with the release of the third-generation models, which feature an enhanced design, noticeably improved sound, and a longer battery life. The new “contoured” design is significantly more comfortable than previous AirPods, and the H1 chipset enables features such as hands-free Siri and quick pairing and toggling between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. If $179 is too much for you, the new Beats Studio Buds are an excellent alternative. At $150, they contain the same H1 processor and provide balanced sound without sacrificing the punchy bass for which Beats devices are renowned.

Anker Nano II 45W GaN charger

While Apple’s 20W charger functions adequately, Anker’s Nano II 45W charger is a more versatile option. Not only can it rapidly charge an iPhone, but it can also charge a MacBook Air 2020 at maximum speed, as well as iPads and other mid-sized devices. This USB-C power adapter is 34 percent smaller than other 45W devices and prevents overheating with GaN technology. Additionally, we appreciate that its connector prongs fold down to make the adapter even more portable when traveling. The 45W model costs $40, but Anker also offers a 30W version and a 65W two-port model for when you need to simultaneously charge your phone and laptop.


AirTags from Apple make it simple for iPhone users to locate lost items. Attach one of the minuscule Bluetooth trackers to your keys, bag, or wallet, and then use the Find My app to locate them. If you know your belongings are nearby, you can instruct the AirTag to play a melody to guide you to them. And when something is genuinely lost, you can activate Lost Mode to be automatically notified when the Find My network locates it. AirTags are only compatible with iPhones, but iPhone users have access to other Bluetooth tracker options, including Tile’s. But Apple’s devices have a similar level of convenience as AirPods; your iPhone will automatically detect a nearby Apple AirTag and connect with it, and it’s easy to manage multiple AirTags in the Find My app.

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